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Traffic Ticket – DUI – Expungement Defense Is Our Focus

Our firm has lawyers whose main focus is contesting and resolving traffic tickets across Northern and Southern California. Although there is no traffic ticket law specialty recognized by the State Bar of California, one Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Lawyer at The Bauman Law Firm devotes over 92% of their practice to resolving traffic ticket citations.

Now That's Peace of Mind

A Traffic Ticket in California can become a devastating financial burden on you and your family’s finances. Appropriate Legal Representation is imperative to assist you in the dismissal or reduction of your case. Our Lawyers diligently to achieve this objective.
Shockingly, locating an experienced California Traffic Ticket Lawyer whose practice in primarily dedicated to defending and resolving California traffic tickets. That is where the traffic ticket lawyers at The Bauman Law Firm come in. We have lawyers specifically committed to contesting the following traffic citations (not all listed):
  • DUI
  • traffic ticket
  • speeding ticket
  • out of lane ticket
  • stop sign ticket
  • failure to yield ticket
  • reckless driving ticket
  • exceeding 100mph ticket
  • cell phone ticket
  • log book ticket
  • improper lane change ticket
  • following too closely ticket and many more.

Our traffic ticket lawyers also assist with commercial drivers license (CDL) tickets, DMV hearings for suspended drivers license, and clearing criminal backgrounds.

Our Attorneys Serve all of California.
Mr. Bauman has been representing clients for over 36 years.

The traffic ticket lawyers at The Bauman Law Firm know California Traffic Ticket Law well. Our traffic ticket attorneys are dedicated mainly to the practice of traffic ticket defense. Our lawyers are committed to learning the practices of each traffic court in which we practice. Our knowledge of the traffic court system, prosecutors and judges helps us build a strong traffic ticket defense for each client’s case that we take. There are many brilliant traffic ticket lawyers in the Northern and Southern California areas. You owe it to yourself to receive the elite achievable defense.

If you need assistance with traffic ticket defense and want more than just great traffic ticket lawyer, give us a call today: 855-262-5042.

A DUI arrest can be one of the most humiliating experiences in your life. If you’ve been arrested in the state of California for driving under the influence (DUI), there will be two separate legal proceedings. The first proceeding takes place in the California criminal courts; the second occurs with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Both of these proceedings have their own particular rules and regulations which require the representation of an experienced California criminal defense attorney.

We pride ourselves in helping you exercise your Constitutional Right of Due ­Proces.